The Association for Rope Rescue Engineering and Testing was founded by an ad hoc group of presenters and attendees at the 2000 International Technical Rescue Symposium in Tucson, Arizona. The Association was founded to fill the void of a central location, or repository, for research papers, testing data, and other references so that future researchers would not have to start from scratch to find past work. At that same meeting, the group decided to publish a peer-reviewed scientific journal in which the results of rope rescue systems and components testing could be distributed to the rest of the rescue community in their entirety, having been reviewed for both editorial and technical content.

At present, ARRET remains an informal group of people. There is no board of directors structure or official membership. Anyone willing to contribute time or expertise to the advancement of rope rescue science and engineering can help. Unfortunately, we will most likely have to organize to some extent in the future as costs to provide this service, publish the journal, and the and work load mount. The current plan is for the Journal of Rope Rescue Engineering will be published on some sort of regular basis as submissions are received. For now, it is planned to be a digital journal, distributed both on line and in CD-ROM format, both for a small subscription fee to offset production costs.

We hope soon to have a central address for questions to be sent.
For now, send questions or comments to
Tim Manning
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